Hong Kong Pools – Cool Off in the Heat

Amid the scorching summer heat, Hong Kong’s swimming pools are a great way to cool down. With a range of different pools to choose from, you can practice diving, swim laps, or just lounge poolside and enjoy the cool breeze blowing in off the ocean.

The LCSD manages 44 public pools, including nine on Hong Kong Island, 13 in Kowloon and 22 in the New Territories. Each pool has its own schedule of opening hours and closures, so it’s best to check out the individual website before heading out.

In addition to regular opening hours, most pools offer classes and pool parties during the weekends. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, it is mandatory to wear a swim suit in all public pools, and the use of cut-off shorts or other frayed materials is prohibited. Also, children under three must wear a swim diaper or a water diaper, and adults wearing swimwear of a sexually suggestive nature (including thongs and string bikinis) are not allowed.

Visiting a pool is a fun and affordable activity that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the hk pools are even equipped with slides and fountains to keep the little ones entertained. Plus, after a long day at the pool, you can reward yourself with a sweet treat like one of our favorite Hong Kong shaved ice shops!

The outdoor pools at Pao Yue Kong offer an awesome variety of activities, from training and swimming laps to diving and a water slide park. The pool also has a snack bar that is open during operation hours, making it an ideal place to bring the kids and relax after a swim!

Swimming isn’t just a great way to stay cool, it has many health benefits as well. It can help strengthen your muscles, lower blood pressure, improve balance and flexibility, and reduce stress. And, of course, it’s a great way to burn calories and lose weight.

This spacious Ma On Shan swimming pool complex boasts a main pool and spectator stands, along with two smaller training and teaching pools. There are also four waterslides, with two of them standing at 9 meters, making it one of the fastest in the city. The pool is also popular with families, as it offers a children’s playground and a family changing room.

Aside from the regular opening hours, the pool is also open to swimming clubs for bookings on weekdays and weekends, though there is no guarantee that they will be able to hold classes. Typically, clubs will be informed of their slot four months in advance, but if the pool is full on a particular day, it may be difficult to find space for the class. Moreover, the pool does not give refunds for booked spaces that cannot be used. For more information on how to book a slot, read our guide to hk pools.