How to Build a Data Governance Program

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The first step in building a successful data governance program is to define your vision and develop a business case. Your vision spells out your broad strategic objective for the program, while the business case outlines specific opportunities to achieve your goals. It should specify the people (roles), technologies and processes that you need to support your data governance efforts.

In addition, you should also create a set of policies that align your organization with your data governance goals. These policies should cover topics such as privacy, security and compliance. The policies should be documented and communicated to all stakeholders within your organization. This will help ensure that everyone understands and adheres to your data governance policies.

Finally, you should have a risk management process that will provide a framework for identifying potential risks and implementing controls to mitigate them. This will help you reduce the impact of unexpected events and minimize business disruption. In addition, you should be aware of the legal and regulatory issues that may impact your data governance initiatives.

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