What Is Data SGP?

Data sgp is an analysis tool that compares student growth trajectories with projections for the future, so educators can see what level of growth each student will likely need to reach proficiency and how close they are to doing so. The program analyses each student’s raw score to determine where it falls on the scaled score range for his or her grade and subject area, then uses this information to predict what their score will be next year.

It also compares a student’s growth to the average for his or her demographic group, so teachers can see whether or not they are making progress toward their academic goals. It also helps identify students who may need additional support to meet those goals. Using this information, teachers can develop interventions for each student and track their progress over time.

To obtain the most accurate results, teachers must make sure they are working with clean, complete data. This means ensuring that all of the necessary fields are filled out and that they are using the correct denominators. It can also help to spend a few minutes formatting the stat category columnns (e.g., displaying three decimal places in the BA column and two in the other columns) so that the results make sense.

In addition to the sgpData tables listed above, teachers can also access the sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER table, which provides instructor details associated with each student test record. Teachers can use this information to see which instructors are responsible for each student’s performance and to ensure that all of the students have been assessed by the same instructor.

The sgpData_STUDENTS_PERCENTILE_TABLE is another important data set for educators, as it allows them to easily see how their students’ assessment scores rank within their school, state, or country. The table lists the percentage of students who scored higher than, lower than, or at an equal level to the average for each demographic group. Teachers can use this information to quickly identify groups of students who need further support, as well as those who are excelling and should be celebrated.

The Star Growth Report displays student SGP data in two formats: Window Specific SGPs, which allow users to view SGP projections for a single student based on a specific time frame selected during the report customization process, and Current SGPs, which display the latest SGP available for each student as a quick check-in of their progress toward proficiency. Both types of SGPs are updated regularly so that educators have access to the most accurate projections possible. Each time a student’s projected score is updated, the SGP indicator for that student will change to reflect the new, more accurate estimate.