HCI Mission Statement

HCI provides opportunities for offenders to acquire real life work skills and good habits through businesses that produce quality products and services for our customers.



Who can purchase from us and what are the bid exemptions.


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Our Install crews can help with any installation, cleanup, moving, or light contracting work.

Screen Printing

We offer a variety of screen printing services. Check out our pricing for your next school or non profit event.

Furniture and Wood Products

Wether you need a simple office chair or are redoing an entire floor HCI can provide a solution on time and within budget to make your project a success.


Come on down to our new showroom on 801 Dillingham Blvd in Honolulu to see all of the latest HCI has to offer.

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One Stop Many Solutions

HCI is a one stop solution for providing services and products to many agencies around the state.


HCI CoreValues:


KULEANA— Responsibility.
We accept our responsibilities, and we will be held accountable.
MĀLAMA— Stewardship.
Serve, honor, protect, and care for resources; maintain fiduciary responsibility.
KŪLIA I KA NU‘U— Achievement.
We pursue excellence in all we do. Strive to reach the summit.
KA LĀ HIKI OLA— Optimism.
We think positively.
HO‘OMAU— Perseverance.



Our Sales Office and Showroom located in Downtown Honolulu at 801 Dillingham Blvd. Please feel free to call us for an appointment or just stop in!!

KITV--Halawa Shops Story

KHON Hawaii Correctional Industries Story




It was an honor and privilege to be able to sign SB2630, which will allow HCI to sell inmate-made products and services on the open market to the general public. Not only will this bill help the program to be self-sustaining, it will also give individuals in the program a source of income to help meet their financial obligations while incarcerated.

Hawaii Correctional Industries offers eligible customers quick and easy access to quality products and services through various authorities provided under the HRS 354 D-13. The following customers are eligible to purchase from Correctional Industries.

  • Hawaii State agencies and political subdivisions.
  • U.S. Government agencies and political subdivisions (federal, states, cities, counties, municipalities)
  • Certified Not-for-profit organizations
  • Participating institutions of higher education (universities, community and technical colleges)
  • Public Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Any Member of the General Public or Private Sector Company/Contractors within the State

If you are still unsure of your organization's eligibility,
please contact HCI Customer Service at 808-586-5600


§354D-1  Finding and purpose. 

The legislature finds that the number and types of programs operated by the department of public safety shall be expanded to provide a comprehensive work program for inmates.  The full development of inmate employment opportunities shall be expanded to enable correctional industries programs to operate in a cost-effective manner
The purpose of this chapter is to:

(1)  Establish the correctional industries program to allow expanded industries programs to generate revenue to sustain its operation and allow for capital investment.  The program should be structured to allow for the increased involvement of correctional industries in providing specific training skills for offenders that increase their employment prospects after release;
(2)  Develop industries that provide a maximum level of work for all qualified, able-bodied inmates;
(3)  Provide an environment for the operation of correctional industries similar to that of a private business operation;
(4)  Encourage cooperative training ventures between the correctional industries program and the private sector; and
(5)  Provide for low-cost construction, renovation, and repairs of facilities, grounds, furniture, vehicles, and equipment for private nonprofit social service, education, and health agencies and programs. [L 1990, c 341, pt of §1; am L 1991, c 256, §1]

Why are State and County Agencies exempt from the bid process when purchasing from HCI?

What is the definition of a procurement
exempt from HRS Chapter 103D?
• A situation where a procurement of a good,
service, or construction by competitive means
is either not practicable or not advantageous
to the State.
“Practicable”- feasible, useful, usable
“Advantageous”- to be a benefit to; to impose

7. Awards to governmental bodies of the State

10. Goods, services, or construction from a
governmental body other than the University
of Hawaii Bookstores, from the federal
government, or from another state or its
political subdivision;

18. Goods and services for commercial resale by
the State;

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