HCI Mission Statement

HCI provides opportunities for offenders to acquire real life work skills and good habits through businesses that produce quality products and services for our customers.

Here We Grow Again

HCI as a company is undergoing some major changes. As we bring more products online, and train on how to manufacture and assemble those products, the links to those products will be come active with pricing, pictures and descriptions.

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Our Install crews can help with any installation, cleanup, moving, or light contracting work.

Screen Printing

We offer a variety of screen printing services. Check out our pricing for your next school or non profit event.

Furniture and Wood Products

Wether you need a simple office chair or are redoing an entire floor HCI can provide a solution on time and within budget to make your project a success.


Come on down to our new showroom on 801 Dillingham Blvd in Honolulu to see all of the latest HCI has to offer.

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One Stop Many Solutions

HCI is a one stop solution for providing services and products to many agencies around the state.


HCI CoreValues:


KULEANA— Responsibility.
We accept our responsibilities, and we will be held accountable.
MĀLAMA— Stewardship.
Serve, honor, protect, and care for resources; maintain fiduciary responsibility.
KŪLIA I KA NU‘U— Achievement.
We pursue excellence in all we do. Strive to reach the summit.
KA LĀ HIKI OLA— Optimism.
We think positively.
HO‘OMAU— Perseverance.



Our Sales Office and Showroom located in Downtown Honolulu at 801 Dillingham Blvd. Please feel free to call us for an appointment or just stop in!!

KITV--Halawa Shops Story

KHON Hawaii Correctional Industries Story




It was an honor and privilege to be able to sign SB2630, which will allow HCI to sell inmate-made products and services on the open market to the general public. Not only will this bill help the program to be self-sustaining, it will also give individuals in the program a source of income to help meet their financial obligations while incarcerated.

Government Contracts--DOT Roadside Maintenance

Hawaii Correctional Industries currently employs over 50 offenders in Oahu to perform landscaping services along the roadways. Our DOT maintenance crew anually maintain 5600 miles of roadside vegetation and litter control on Ouahu - an effort that makes roadways safer for commuters and provides a cleaner environment keeping our island beautiful.

In 2005 the collaborative effort of HCI and Dept of Transportation and Ouahu Community Correctional Center were recognized at the state capital when our program was awarded a certificate for outstanding contribution toward the improvement of government services.

Installation Services

HCI operates supervised minimum-security work crews work within Oahu and neighbor island communities performing a variety of skilled tasks. We perform jobs, office moves, grounds maintenance, furniture delivery and modular office system installation. Please contact us if this sound like something your agency or small business might be interested in.

Labor Contracts

We're looking for long-term relationships with Hawaii companies wishing to replace outsourced skilled labor (work that was previously or currently done out of state or even out of the U.S.). We're sensitive about taking jobs from unemployed local workers and make every effort to insure that no local workers lose their jobs because of this program. However, we're happy to compete with the other states and countries.

We believe HCI offers a perfect alternative to the distance-outsourcing challenges many companies face. Most programs require a minimum workforce of 20 workers plus 1 adult correctional officer. We can supply transportation to your location (with some restrictions). We also have industrial space available within prison facilities that has proven to be beneficial for some of our partners.
This program requires a contractual agreement, a willingness to follow closely monitored security guidelines, and a desire to work with a very motivated group of incarcerated men and women who are willing to work hard when given the opportunity. Costs begin at the Hawaii State minimum hourly rate per person, plus other very moderate and reasonable security and administrative charges. Please contact us if this sound like something your small business might be interested in.

Small Business Helper

The purpose of the HCI Small Business Helper is to give start-up businesses, or companies with new product offerings that are not proven yet, an opportunity to minimize cost during the introduction period of the product's life cycle.  Many small companies may only need a 2 or 3 of HCI's workforce to help on special projects or to provide help for a minimal time period, where hiring full-time employees to do the work is not justified.

The assignments can be as short as 1 day, or as long as months.  The one common denominator is the work requires less than 10 full-time employees for a specific time frame. Companies or individuals must provide all materials and training, HCI will provide the workers and supervision. Typical costs are built around the hourly minimum wage rate, but can change depending on the project.

Please contact us if this sound like something your small business might be interested in.

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